It is actually quite simple: my motivation is the product itself. The product gets me in touch with you and hopefully into your luggage.
To explain my motivation maybe just this: I have been and still am in the same situation as you are!
But first things first:
I grew up in Hamburg and after a number of stops in Europe and the USA I landed in Zurich in 2007, where I decided to abandon my position in media planning, to learn something entirely new. In 2012 I began my fashion design studies from scratch. The Swiss Textile College provided initial answers to my fashion and textile related questions. This also meant that I totally changed my buying habits. I began to look at the products in much more detail and to check them thoroughly. I could not stop myself to feel the textiles and to study the labels to get an idea of the material mix and the countries where the products were made. At some point there was no longer any fun in shopping and more often than not I could not find the item I was looking for or I decided against buying it.


After having earned my degree in 2014 I moved to Copenhagen and here – back in the North I decided to put my motivation and beliefs into my own products. As a result the label KBHH was born in January 2016.
This started another quest: this time for suppliers of fabrics, garments and buttons in the desired quality and for a production site in Europe as a true partner on my side.
A long journey to take, but I would not want to miss it for anything.
Now you are the critic of my motivation and as much as I would love to write more about all those involved in the process, as much it is you who understands, honors and hopefully desires the final product and who can use it to set free your own passion without a bad conscience.
Believe me, we all would like to be part of your journey wherever you are, wherever you go and whatever moves you.