The label KBHH is a bridge between two cities in the North of Europe, Copenhagen (KBH) and the Hanseatic city of Hamburg (HH).
Both have a lot in common with their large ports and trading heritage as greater Northern metropolises and as such are both closely connected with the core of the label.


The designer Katharina Berg grew up in Hamburg and lives and works in Copenhagen these days.
However, KBHH is in essence much more than just a combination of words or a connection between two locations. It focuses on a journey that such a connection requires and the necessary and hopefully light luggage needed on the way.
Light luggage – to have the time for what is of real importance. Here and now – the great escape. And don’t we not all have too much already? Too much of the unimportant and too little of the real essentials.
For that reason KBHH is committed to “MUST HAVE” items only. In line with the idea of a SUSTAINABLE SUITCASE there will be only KEY ITEMS that will accompany the customer on her life journey for a long time and that won’t let her down.

What the customer can expect is highest quality of production, made in Europe, highest-quality fabrics, mostly pure natural fibres, classic colours that can be matched and combined, a comfortable wearing experience and of course a long lasting product. The process to create such product requires many supporters, or better said like-minded persons.
Nonetheless it appears that many of us tend to forget how many production steps are involved still today to manufacture a finished textile product!
At first the basic textile materials have to grow as is the case with every raw material (either on a field, on an animal or in a test tube). They then have to be collected, cleaned, spun, woven to a fabric, dyed and further processed/printed/refined (requiring a significant amount of resources such as water, energy and others), before they can be send packaged and sold, to be cut, trimmed, sewn and processed. All these steps usually happen across countries and even continents.
How is it then possible that the shops are loaded with products in light of this effort? Simply because we have forgotten to ask ourselves the most basic questions: Where does it come from? What is it made of? Who made it? This sequence could be extended with questions that most likely lead to unpleasant answers.
So once more: many hands are required to manufacture a high quality product. But all the effort and good will only come to life when especially you recognise the product and its quality! Because at the end of the day it is all about one single person only – it is you!
Demand quality, touch, feel and decide for yourself. PURE, PREMIUM, SIMPLE – have a great (life) journey.